Wisdom Guide Journals & Sketchbooks

Wisdom Guide™ Journals & Sketchbooks

Tree-Free & Handmade!

Preserve and treasure wisdom and ideas, personal growth and journeys, poetry and prayers,

and more in lasting quality archival journals.

It’s a pleasure to write or draw on the white unlined handmade paper pages. Made from cotton cloth scraps left from the manufacture of tee-shirts and lingerie (no trees where harmed!) the pages are hand-sewn so they don’t come loose or fall out. All have hard-bound handmade covers that have been hand silk-screened.

Colossal Journals or Sketch books 8.5 x11 inches and cost $24.99

To order email (include phone number, name and address, and journals for order you will be contacted for credit card information) alexandra@worldpaperusa.com or call World Paper, Inc. 973 238-1750

TREE-FREE JOURNAL  brown 5.5x7.5Tree-Free Journal & Sketchbook brown 8.5×12
WRITING JOURNAL  gold pattern 5.5x7.5Writing Journal & Sketch- book  gold 8.5×12 WRITING JOURNAL green vine 5.5x7.5Writing Journal & Sketchbook  green vine 8.5×12
Wine Journal5.5×7.5
COLOSSAL YOGA JOURNAL & SKETCHBOOK  8.5x12Yoga Journal & Sketchbook 8.5×12
COLOSSAL PINK TULIP JOURNAL & SKETCHBOOK 8.5x12Pink Tulip Journal & Sketchbook 8.5×12 COLOSSAL YELLOW TULIP JOURNAL & SKETCHBOOK 8.5x12Yellow Tulip Journal & Sketchbook 8.5×12