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Transformation with energy therapy

B9A7738-largeSeeking help for fatigue, stress, pain, strain, headaches, sadness and grief, unwanted emotions, neuropathy, injury or treatment pain, smoking habit, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, lyme disease, diabetes or chronic illness?

Experience the benefits of TET® – Triple Energy Therapy for wellness, revitalization, enhanced energy and vitality. This combined method offers support for stress, chronic illness, lyme disease and other issues using qigong targeted healing and longevity techniques. There is a smoking cessation program and individuals learn targeted qigong breathing techniques for health and longevity. In addition clients often experience feelings of happiness, empowerment and insight through increased vital energy.

What is TET®?

TET® or Triple Energy Therapy combines Biofeedback, Qiqong and Targeted Breath Work. In combination, these three methods work to stimulate energetic pathways and improve oxygen uptake prompting the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function better.

How does TET® work?

Biofeedback uses the body’s own frequencies to encourage bodily shifts

Qigongqi – pronounced chee, means life force or vital energy and gong means skill or practice. Qigong is a centuries old Chinese healthcare system that involves movement, breath and various ways of increasing and moving qi.

With TET®, qigong massage is combined with other qigong methods to stimulate the movement of vital energy and healing. The client is fully clothed and much of the massage focus is on the head.

Targeted Breath Work draws on techniques from qigong, yogic, Ayurvedic, Buddhist and medical traditions and uses focused breathing to stimulate wellness.

Combined these three techniques are a powerful holistic experience that supports the body’s natural ability to heal.

Who can benefit from TET®?

Those who wish to actively participate in their healing and wellness by adding supportive holistic methods and approaches.

Alexandra Soteriou has an MA in health and healing, is an LMT licensed in NJ, is a certified biofeedback practitioner, has been trained as a Qigong healer (by Master Robert Peng) and possesses strong intuitive skills. She has worked around the world learning from traditional cultures and has deeply explored spiritual traditions for over three decades. Alexandra adheres to the belief that age-old targeted breathing methods are powerful, overlooked, ways to oxygenate the body for wellness, healing and longevity.

Alexandra offers Qigong healing, biofeedback, targeted breath therapy and a combined method she calls TET®. As well, she provides programs, individual or group, for stress reduction, detox, meditation, grief relief, smoking cessation, and longevity exercises.


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