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ONDAMED is a gentle pulsed bio-feedback with specific electro-magnetic frequencies believed to allow cellular repair and regeneration, and providing neurological stimulation for pain relief, improved circulation, promoting relaxation and much more. Therapy is given in a relaxed way while fully clothed.


What physicians and others have said about ONDAMED

Suzanne Somers shares, “I have had many Ondamed treatments. In fact I attribute my ability to recover from the trauma…to this device. It rebalanced my energies and allowed my body to recover from emotional and physical trauma.”*


Dr. Steven J. Bock, “Patients with neuropathy who use Ondamed have up to 90% of
Dr. Rashid Buttar, “The ONDAMED System often proves successful where no further biochemical means is able to prove effective.”*


Dr. Michael Torosian, “Our results with the ONDAMED are a clear testimony to the power of bio-physical medicine and first-class technology. It is exciting to see how patients, even with chronic health problems, continue to experience life-changing benefits from the Ondamed technology.”*


Dr. John C. Cline, “ONDAMED has been a significant asset to our medical center. It has allowed us to effectively deal with a number of chronic conditions that we were unable to with our other protocols. It’s great having ONDAMED … assisting patients to achieve their health goals.”*

* Professional opinions were not solicited and have been provided without promise of compensation. Alexandra Soteriou does not provide diagnosis, treatment, prevention, mitigation or cure for any disease or medical condition.


Alexandra’s Training

Degree, certifications and qualifications:

Alexandra's TrainingAlexandra Soteriou is a certified Ondamed Practitioner since 2008 with offices in Hawthorne & Morristown. Her own struggles with Lyme disease led her to Ondamed. She has an MA in Health and Healing, studying with noted physicians and is certified in Reconnective Healing by Eric Pearl. She has years of participation in cutting-edge medical conferences, she works with physicians and is a student of wisdom traditions including: herbs, Qi Gong, Q’ero Shamens, Kriya and Kayakalpa yoga, Ayurvedia, Buddhism and has decades of work in Asia. She integrates healing work from around the globe with Ondamed Biofeedback.

+Alexandra does not provide medical treatment, nor is energy therapy, in general, considered practicing medicine; it is much more than that!


Client Testimonials:

I have benefited by using Alexandra Soteriou’s Ondamed therapy when I had Lyme disease. She not only has a deep knowledge of the disease, but also a unique ability to translate the frequencies and apply the appropriate therapies.

Willem V.  ~ Mountain Lakes, NJ **


I first started Ondamed sessions while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I was amazed at how helpful they were. Alexandra was very intuitive in knowing what I needed and supplemented the Ondamed with her own healing work. The combination of the Ondamed and Alexandra’s knowledge of healing and energy work helped me manage my pain from radiation, my mental and physical fatigue as well as other issues that came up. I continue to see Alexandra and use Ondamed for ongoing care and would recommend her to anyone seeking a non-invasive alternative to conventional treatment or just looking to improve their health and well-being.

Grace D.  ~ Fort Lee NJ **


The combination of Ondamed therapy and the skillful holistic modalities that Ms. Soteriou employs, produce “miraculous” results. I, my family and my patients have greatly benefited.

Dr. Robert Kandarjian  ~ DC **


Alexandra has a gift for healing that goes beyond her knowledge of Ondamed. For me, she was able to put me in touch with long held fears which led me to acknowledge them. Then, I was given tools to empower my healing and move ahead. I shall be forever grateful.

Thana  G.  ~ Ridgewood NJ **

**Individual testimonials were chosen as being typical of the voluntary comments offered by the biofeedback participants. Your results may differ and results depend of commitment to the therapies and a healthy life style.